Philipp Reipschläger

Philipp Reipschläger
Philipp Reipschläger

Philipp is a Senior Venture Architect at Orbit. He applies his creative mindset and strategic thinking to develop new and sustainable business models. With more than 10 years of experience at Lufthansa Technik, Philipp knows very well what makes the corporate world tick and how to address the specific needs of companies in the context of innovation and change. At Lufthansa Technik, he served as project and program manager for a variety of different projects in the areas of lean production, innovation management and transformation. In addition, he was line manager for one of Lufthansa Technik's product lines. Philipp graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and also holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.

  • Design and implementation of innovation processes
  • Development of an innovative aircraft component from scratch in combination with a novel business model
  • Reverse innovation for a set of existing solutions
  • Creation and execution of a growth strategy for a certain product line
  • Transformation of a  business unit operating in the red into a profitable department
  • Reorganization and change project after COVID-crisis to regain competitiveness