Philipp Holz

Philipp Holz
Philipp Holz

Phil is a Senior Product Owner at Orbit with his focus on discovering the key user pains and developing state of the art software solutions. His background in user research, rapid prototyping and developing corporate products enables him to create user centered products that fit the needs and solve pain points of the customers. His agile mindset and structured work methods help him to adapt in every new project and environment. His goal is to deliver impactful solutions together with his clients. Phil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism were he obtained the skills of user interviews and rhetoric. At the University of Hamburg he received an MBA with specialization in digitalization of businesses and startup consulting.

  • Implementing company internal innovation units to discover and test new business opportunities
  • Shaping and development a tenant ecosystem for an international financial service network to connect people and buildings
  • Developing and launching a data-driven apartment building portfolio manager to find the right time to sell by analyzing market and socioeconomic data
  • Optimizing user flows and switching technologies at a german insurance company to improve sales at car dealerships
  • App prototyping and testing to connect farmer and Vanlife-community to generate alternative campsites