GP Joule Connect
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GP Joule E.xpert is the fully automated digital advisor for fleet electrification projects, based on years of GP Joule expertise.
The E.XPERT is a digital consultant for charging infrastructure projects. Users can easily input key details about their planned infrastructure, such as the number of electrified vehicles and vehicle classes, the distance to be covered, and the desired charging time. In return, E.XPERT provides an overview of the associated costs for the charging infrastructure and guides users through the necessary steps to transform their electrification project into a feasible and actionable reality.
The challenge of this project lies in developing a tool that caters to both internal and external user needs. For internal users, such as sales employees, the tool streamlines their workflow by efficiently qualifying relevant leads. On the other hand, for external users interested in charging infrastructure, the tool addresses their requirement for a basic understanding of charging infrastructure projects and their associated costs.
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